Thursday, June 21, 2012

Time, Time, Time

     Strains of A Hazy Shade of Winter rolled through my mind this morning. It is the first day of summer, so the weather had nothing to do with it. Rather, it is the opening lines..."Time, time, time, look what's become of me..." that I heard so loudly and clearly, as if I had never heard them before.
     How time gets away from us all! At one point in my life, not too long ago, this blog was of paramount importance; it allowed me the opportunity to explore topics I seldom had an outlet for in my daily life. Now that I am a practicing therapist, I have less time available to discuss such things, and unfortunately, even less time to write about them.
     So it is time to make the time.
     It passes inexorably anyway. There's nothing to be done about that. If something is important, you will do it; if it is not, you won't do it. That's true, but it's only true to the extent that we allow ourselves to act on our impulses, to acknowledge what it is that derives from true passion, straight from the heart.
     We get snagged so easily by the quotidian aspects of existence. Our precious allotment of time on this earth slips away unremarked, and what we have to show for it is often a body of work, if you will, that could bear the signature of any number of people: reports written, meetings attended, vacations taken, and cocktails imbibed. Is there a unique mark on any of those experiences, anything that suggests that you, and only you, could possibly have brought them into being?
     For most of us, the answer is probably not one that we would like to see carved on a tombstone: Did a lot of stuff, but frankly, most of it could have been done by anybody.
     I am back to the exploration of ideas. I am back to exploring them in the manner I alone can do. It's not earthshaking news, nor thunderous accomplishment. But it is authentic, it derives from my deepest gifts and talents, and, most importantly, it sustains me.
     It may just be a footprint in ever-shifting sands. But it is my footprint, mine alone, and for this minute I am here in all my uniqueness and particularity.
     I want to explore ideas once again, say I to myself. I'm willing to make the time.
     Permission granted, say I to myself in reply. Proceed - no caution required.
     That's all it takes for one to soar.

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